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Technology changes the world, intelligence changes life.

With the advancement of science and technology, some real estates have introduced the selling points of “smart communities” as a key introduction. How many intelligent application scenarios are there in the community? In the real estate development process, in addition to the property management after the house is delivered, it may be as long as 1 to In 2 years, how to use this time to increase the user experience and bring the project reputation to more customers is a proposition. The comprehensive introduction of high technology in real estate projects, the creation of a technological, fashionable and intelligent smart community, and the enhancement of the added value of real estate have become a new competitiveness of real estate.。

EMIC cooperated with Myware to launch Stalwart real estate management mobile software and Apps. Current clients include Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. Stalwart can provide several types of big needs:

Increase customer reputation, smart community premium is reflected in product prices

Enhance customer experience before handover and establish project brand

⦁ Manage payment after signing the contract, prompt and arrange user payment;

⦁ Manage home inspection and delivery procedures, use Apps to remind customers, make appointments for delivery and collect feedback, and upload comments and descriptions with photos, which is convenient for developers to follow up;

⦁ Invite customers to participate in networking activities, customers can also invite more friends to participate together to build a real estate reputation;

Establish an intelligent community management system to increase community brand power and enhance life experience:

⦁ Establish a social community, users can share and push articles in daily life in Stalwart, promote the latest convenience information and store discounts around, increase mutual assistance among neighbors, community public services, maintain more direct contact with friends through social service platforms, and establish a big social circle. Meet the communication needs of customers and play a role in digging new friends. The wonderful activities of community activities can also be shared through Stalwart images to create a warm community atmosphere;

⦁ Promote communication between customers and properties: Push property announcements to owners and customers, and notify owners in time, such as water and power outage notices. Send warm reminders, holiday wishes, community events and other messages to owners and customers. Reflect the concern of the property company for the owners and promote the harmonious development of the community;

⦁ Through the integration of offline service resources, it provides various living service information in the community and surrounding areas, which is convenient for owners to query the hotline and can dial by one key, such as: property, neighborhood committee, home appliance repair, club leisure, laundry dry cleaning, express service, food and water delivery , Waste recycling, repair and lock replacement, pipe dredging, logistics moving, housekeeping services, etc.;

⦁ Online payment of management fees and utilities;

⦁ Maintenance orders flow in the background in the form of work orders: from the owner’s maintenance request to the end of customer service, all important information is recorded, real-time image upload is supported to reflect specific problems, maintenance accounts are formed and the quality of maintenance services is improved and controlled. Cloud process approval can also speed up decision-making and processing of customer issues and respond to customers in a timely manner. The owner can evaluate and review the repair results to ensure the high quality of each repair and good customer satisfaction.

⦁ Traffic management, owners and customers can also register visitor information through the property software APP to facilitate the smooth entry and exit of the community.


Increase customer experience and greatly reduce operating costs

Automated management allows enterprises to get rid of cumbersome and low efficiency, and hand over repetitive tasks to the business process automation system, reducing operating costs by more than 20%. For example, daily personnel are required to be on standby in a fixed place, and unnecessary processes are reduced through system process optimization to help development Businesses improve their processes in key areas, increase visibility, collaboration and efficiency.